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Oregon Health & Sciences University – Portland, OR


  • A world renowned teaching hospital and research center located on two campuses in Portland, Oregon.
  • Across five buildings, FANWALL® systems totaling 176 active fans in 14 new units and two retrofit units provide almost 1 million CFM.
Oregon Health and Sciences University

Sutter Roseville Medical Center, Roseville, CA


  • Huntair retrofitted existing vaneaxial system that supported 90% of the hospital with a FANWALL system that now supplies 100% of the CFM requirement for the hospital.
  • Retrofit was accomplished without shutting down a single fan system and without costly demolition.
  • Retrofit resulted in a 112 amp reduction and approximately $75,000 a year in energy savings.
Sutter Roseville Medical Center
Sutter Roseville Medical CenterEquipment Room Sutter Roseville Medical Center's FANWALL System

St. Luke's Hospital - Aberdeen, SD


  • A FANWALL system replaced a single fan, air handler with no backup that was housed in a hard to reach 2nd story mechanical room in a critical care area.
  • The retrofit took place over one weekend.
  • The four FANWALL cubes were easily transported through the narrow hallways, up the elevator and assembled into the existing panels and frame, avoiding costly demolition and downtime.
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St. Luke's Hospital
St. Luke's Hospital FANWALL Installation St. Luke's Hospital FANWALL Installation

San Francisco Hilton, San Francisco, CA

Air Handler retrofit using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY

  • Aging 47,800 cfm air handler serving four ballroom foyers needed to be replaced.
  • Proposed solution called for four air handlers (one per zone), but access and budget concerns required a better solution.
  • FANWALL system provided the ideal solution by allowing the existing fan system to be replaced in place along with coils, dampers and other components.
  • The project was completed over 8 days without interruption of hotel guests or normal operations.  The installation of the FANWALL cubes was completed in approximately 2 hours.
  • Hotel operators now benefit from a much quieter system, redundancy to avoid downtime and energy savings that resulted in a $13,000 rebate from Pacific Gas & Electric.
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San Francisco Hilton
San Francisco Hilton FANWALL Installation

The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV


  • A state-of-the-art concert venue seating up to 4,000.
  • Supply and return fans inside air handlers are designed using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY to provide reliability and redundancy:
    • Eight air handlers supply 142,500 cfm to the concert facility.
    • Six air handlers supply 104,000 cfm to the meeting rooms.
  • Redundant VFDs for both supply and return fans provide reliability and are used to vary airflow.
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The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
The Joint's FANWALL Installation The Joint's Air Handlers

Chicago Board of Trade – Chicago, IL


  • Replacement of two fan systems providing 470,000 cfm to floors 10 to 23 of this historic building.
  • Modular fan array system using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY allowed contractors to bring 72 fan cells up to the 23rd floor using a dolly. The cells were moved outside onto the sub-roof where they were hoisted onto a scaffolding catwalk and moved into the mechanical room on the 24th floor through a temporary hole in the wall.
  • Retrofit completed over weekends and holidays with little or no interruption to normal operations.
  • Tenants and building management now benefit from a much quieter system, redundancy to avoid downtime, and VAV control on each floor to improve overall system performance.
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Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Board of Trade Rooftop

Transamerica Pyramid – San Francisco, CA


  • Replacement of two air handler fans (101,000 cfm each) serving floors 1 to 18 that were beyond their service life and required continual maintenance.
  • Goals met with replacement included using the same space, minimum disruption to tenants, lower maintenance, a quieter system, better efficiency and redundancy to avoid downtime.
  • Modular fan system using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY allowed additional system changes to better improve system performance.
  • Energy consumption savings of 80,000 kWh resulted in an $11,000 rebate from Pacific Gas & Electric.
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Transamerica Pyramid
Transamerica Pyramid's FANWALL System

Schermerhorn Symphony Center – Nashville, TN

HUNTAIR Knock-down Air Handlers with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY

  • Custom air handlers are damaged beyond repair in a May 2010 flood and a like-for-like replacement was not a feasible option.
  • Knock-down air handlers were brought into the space in individual pieces through an existing outdoor air opening 20 feet below grade.
  • Space savings from FANWALL TECHNOLOGY allowed air handlers to be reconfigured to sit on a platform 6 feet above the basement floor to help avoid a recurrence of flood damage.
  • Acoustic performance of the HUNTAIR air handlers exceeds that of the extremely quiet air handlers that were replaced.
  • Facility re-opened in time for a New Year’s Eve performance by world renowned violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman.
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Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Schermerhorn Symphony Center's Equipment Room

University of Phoenix Stadium – Phoenix, AZ


  • The University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals and Super Bowl XLII, was one of the earliest installations using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY.
  • There are 20 air handlers in operation totaling 284 fans and providing 1.6 million CFM throughout the stadium; the largest air handler provides 132,000 CFM.
University of Phoenix Stadium
AP/Pete Pallagi, File

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