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Unlike other fan arrays available today, a FANWALL system is more than off-the-shelf fans and motors arranged in an array. It incorporates FANWALL TECHNOLOGY — invented and manufactured specifically for fan array systems — to create a fully-integrated and engineered system of state-of-the-art fans, motors, cabinetry, controls, and accessories that can be easily blended to match new construction and retrofit application requirements.

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FANWALL TECHNOLOGY originated from Huntair ceiling grid systems used in cleanroom applications. The smaller fans and motors distributed throughout the grid are ideal for providing the even airflow distribution required for a cleanroom environment, a compact footprint for ceiling mounting, as well as redundancy and easy serviceability to minimize revenue risk associated with downtime.

These same benefits apply to any air handler system, but are particularly desirable where a critical failure would result in significant risk to capital equipment or revenue losses, or where space and access constraints limit the physical dimensions of the air handler or fan. However, the characteristics and constraints of an air handler cabinet differ from a cleanroom environment, requiring significant R&D before the concept could become reality. Huntair engineers examined every aspect of the individual components, fan cubes and their interaction together — throwing out the book on conventional fan metrics to invent FANWALL TECHNOLOGY.

Individually and combined, the unique features and options of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY, available only as part of a FANWALL system, produce industry-leading airflow and acoustic performance, energy efficiency, ease of design, electrical and installed cost savings, and easy maintenance as compared to alternative fan array options. And the list of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY features and options continues to grow — most recently to include Active Noise Control, ultra-high efficiency Permanent Magnet motors and the new Smart Cube configuration with factory-integrated control components — raising the performance bar and furthering FANWALL systems as the un-equaled premier fan array of choice.

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