FANWALL® System Active Noise Control (ANC)

The Most Efficient, Compact Solution for Inlet Sound Control

Up to 22 dB reduction in sound power

  • Uses active noise cancellation to provide up to a 22 dB reduction in sound power at the troublesome blade pass frequency in lower octave bands
  • Low pressure drop at the peak efficiency point on the fan curve
  • Available with the FANWALL system backdraft damper or in free inlet configurations
  • Factory-installed system self-calibrates upon start-up, requiring no additional field installation or commissioning beyond low voltage power wiring
  • Modules require minimal cabinet depth. Typically the modules can fit easily in the available space when replacing conventional fans to avoid additional labor in time-sensitive retrofit applications
  • Bolt-on design enables modules to be installed in existing FANWALL systems with available inlet space
  • Requires little to no maintenance 
  • Patented technology, available only with FANWALL systems

Download the Active Noise Control PDF here.

Active Noise Control Chart

Results (1/3 octave band) of FANWALL ANC testing demonstrating marked improvement in sound power ratings (green) versus free inlet sound power in a FANWALL system (blue).

Case Study


The Broadway Tunnel is a high-capacity conduit for traffic between North Beach and Russian Hill. Air handlers provide fresh air inside the tunnel for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. The fans are located in large equipment rooms that draw in air through louvers on each end of the tunnel. As a requirement of the project to replace the original fans in the tunnel, residents of the adjacent neighborhoods required that the new fan system be no louder, or even quieter, than the old fans.


Two FANWALL TECHNOLOGY fan arrays with Active Noise Control: replaced the original 1950s vintage fans installed in the tunnel. 24 cubes provide 150,000 cfm and 9 cubes provide 53,000 cfm.


Active Noise Control System reduced the fan noise on the inlet side by 20 dB compared to the old fans; making that noise almost imperceptible to nearby residents.



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