Unlike other fan arrays available today, a FANWALL® system is more than off-the-shelf fans and motors arranged in an array. It incorporates FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® — innovated and manufactured specifically for fan array systems — to create an integrated system of state-of-the-art fans, motors, cabinetry, controls, and accessories. These components have been successfully blended to match new construction and retrofit application requirements, while providing:

  • Redundancy
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation
  • Smaller air handler footprint
  • Optimized energy efficiency from design minimum to maximum flow
  • Low cost maintenance and service

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Case Studies

  • Chicago Board of Trade Replacement of two fan systems providing 470,000 cfm to floors 10 to 23 of this historic building. A modular fan array system using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY allowed contractors bring 72 fan cells up to the 23rd floor using a dolly. The cells were moved outside onto the sub-roof where they were hoisted onto a scaffolding catwalk and moved into the mechanical room on the 24th floor through a temporary hole in the wall.  Retrofit completed over weekends and holidays with little or no interruption to normal operations.
  • Schermerhorn Symphony Center Custom air handlers damaged beyond repair in a May 2010 flood require an innovative replacement solution. Knock-down air handlers with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY were brought into the space in individual pieces through an existing outdoor air opening 20 feet below grade. Space savings from FANWALL TECHNOLOGY allowed air handlers to be reconfigured to sit on a platform 6 feet above the basement floor to help avoid a recurrence of flood damage. Acoustic performance of the air handlers exceeds that of the extremely quiet air handlers that were replaced.
  • Transamerica Pyramid Highlights the replacement of two fan systems providing 202,000 cfm to floors 1 to 18 of this landmark building using FANWALL systems. Includes a description of the unique requirements of the project and summarizes the positive results of an independent sound and vibration study (before and after) of the system.
  • One Short Weekend (Video) FANWALL retrofits often can occur over a weekend to minimize disruption to tenants and occupants.  Such was the case with an air handler in Avera St. Luke's Hospital in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  In the process the air handler was converted from a single fan to a FANWALL system and from a blow-through to a draw-through design.
  • San Francisco Hilton (Video)  A major hotel in San Francisco needed to replace an aging air handler with significant access constraints that served its ballroom area.  The original proposal included replacing the air handler with three separate air handlers.  By using a FANWALL System, the owner was able to replace the fan, coil and damper section in the original air handler, avoiding a costly tear-out and reconstruction project and with minimum disruption to hotel guests.  (Read the case study)
  • Innovative AHU Upgrade for Medical Center A major healthcare educator and provider in Stony Brook, NY needed an air handling unit (AHU) retrofit solution that avoided major disruptions to surgery patients and staff. By utilizing three technologies — FANWALL retrofit cells, knock-down AHU construction, and hybrid-foam thermal break insulation — the old hospital fan system upgrade was an easy and cost effective retrofit. Read the case study to learn more about this FANWALL TECHNOLOGY success story.
  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY Installation Featured in the NEWS (PDF) the NEWS magazine recently featured a FANWALL TECHNOLOGY retrofit installation completed at the Sutter Roseville Medical Center. Two FANWALL multiple fan arrays were successfully installed while the original fan stayed in service, without interruption to patient service or comfort.
  • The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino The Joint concert venue needed reliable air movement to maintain the comfort of its concert hall and meeting room occupants. FANWALL TECHNOLOGY proved to be the right fit for meeting these needs.
  • Our Children's House at Baylor The owner of a 57,000 sq ft children's healthcare facility wanted redundancy in fan capability for an air handler serving a critical surgical area. Budget constraints and advanced construction status made adding an additional full-sized fan or air handler impractical. Read the case study to see how these challenges were addressed using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY.
  • Commercial Office Building in Marlborough, MA Six aging air handling systems located throughout a 350,000 sq ft building needed to be upgraded. However, replacement air handlers or fans were too large to fit inside the building without demolition. Read the case study to see how this problem was solved, and the additional benefits that were achieved using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY.

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