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The modular design of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® can allow building owners to retrofit old air handler fans without costly structural demolition and dramatically reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Read our case study of one such example on the 5th floor of the Transamerica Pyramid, a San Francisco landmark and LEED® Gold certified building.

Buildings represent the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States ( Designing and building green has been shown to reduce energy use 24%–50%, carbon dioxide emissions 33%–39%, water use 40% and solid waste by 70% ( Because they are a large contributor to a building’s indoor environmental quality and energy consumption, HVAC systems play a significant role of building green.

Huntair has the ability to custom manufacture HVAC equipment to fit your specific requirements and minimize the impact on the environment. We will work with your design team — using our expertise and superior component and systems technology — to make sure that your HVAC equipment is energy efficient, provides excellent indoor air quality and quiet acoustical performance. Our custom design capabilities enable us to find unique solutions for your most challenging requirements.

For more information on how we can design a custom solution for you, please contact your local representative.

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