Energy Efficiency
FANWALL System Control Screen Equipment Room
Huntair custom air handling equipment used in HVAC systems can help you reduce electrical consumption, demand and equipment costs.

Approximately 40% of the energy used in the U.S. is consumed by buildings and their related processes (US Energy Information Administration) and HVAC systems can be a significant contributor to that energy use.

We believe that the efficiency of any unit we provide should be measured at the boundary of that unit After all, that is what the building owner will pay for over the life of any given unit. Huntair custom air handling equipment is uniquely positioned to meet your energy efficiency goals:

  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® can allow you to remove diffusers, sound attenuators and other ancillary components required for conventional fan systems, eliminating the static pressure penalty they create in an air handler tunnel.
  • The ability to closely match motor horsepower to the actual brake horsepower requirement of an air handler using FANWALL TECHNOLOGY is unprecedented in the industry, allowing you to reduce the power input required for a given air handler and, ultimately, its electrical equipment costs. 
  • Incorporating unique solutions such as adiabatic cooling, economizers and energy recovery can reduce the dependence on mechanical cooling.

For more information on how we can design a custom solution for you, please contact your local representative.

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