Huntair Innovation Center

The Huntair Innovation Center is a World Class demonstration and display center for HUNTAIR® technology and products for customer visits at our facility in Tualatin, Oregon. Included in the displays are air handlers, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, a complete assortment of cleanroom products, a fully functional operating room and data center products.

For more detailed information, see our brochure. For information on visiting the Huntair Innovation Center, contact your local Representative.


The FANWALL® display includes four air handlers—each designed and constructed as if it were being supplied to a customer using the same specification and to deliver the same CFM and static pressure.  The difference is in the fan system used in each air handler, providing a visual comparison and demonstration of the benefits of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®.

CLEANSUITE OR and air handler system CLEANSUITE Display

The CLEANSUITE® display is a fully functional operating room and air handler system. No, we don't perform surgeries here, but it has been used for important research to demonstrate the varying effects on particle movement of different OR ceiling system designs.

Cleanroom Display Cleanroom Display

The Cleanroom systems display includes components above the ceiling (left photo), in the clean space (not shown) and a modular cleanroom (right photo) to demonstrate the breadth of CLEANPAK® and SERVICOR® solutions for cleanroom applications.

Huntair Innovation Center Huntair Innovation Center

In addition to data room and close control data center units, there are a variety of other displays at the Huntair Innovation Center that demonstrate our innovation and technology leadership. We welcome visitors and encourage you to contact your local Huntair Representative.

19855 SW 124th Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062
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