Modular Design

Huntair modular design platforms have grown out of the necessity: The need to meet extremely tight custom design and manufacturing deadlines for massive mission critical projects throughout the world. Along the way we learned that the same benefits our mission critical customers drove us to achieve — smaller footprint, lower electrical requirements, stringent airflow and filtration demands, easier maintenance and service, redundancy, faster and lower cost installation — could apply equally to our commercial customers, providing added value at a comparable, if not lower, cost versus more conventional solutions.

Huntair modular design can range from the system to the component level in each product we provide. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® — Each FANWALL® cube represents a module that can be completely customized — including the fan, motor, drive, cabinet, controls and ancillary components — to deliver the required airflow and static pressure for a given air handler cumulatively with all other cubes in the array. As an added benefit, each FANWALL cube can fit through a standard 3-foot doorway and be assembled in place to eliminate structural demolition costs in applications where egress restrictions prohibit a like-for-like replacement of conventional single fan systems.
  • CLEANSUITE® — Each pre-designed and fabricated module arrives at your facility fully integrated with integral boom mounts, lights, filtration, air balancing, sprinklers, medical gas connections and more that can be navigated through standard doorways and service elevators, lifted into place and connected to the building structure. The total install time can be one-sixth that of conventional stick-built systems, dramatically reducing the timeline from construction to a fully functional operating room.

For more information on how we can design a custom solution for you, please contact your local representative.

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