FANWALL® Smart Cube
Fully-Integrated Solution for Inverter Control of FANWALL Arrays

The FANWALL Smart Cube places active control components at the point of service, where they are factory-installed and wired for quick connection to power at the control panel. Integral to this approach is the FANWALL Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), designed specifically for seamlessly mounting at the FANWALL cube and including an integrated bi-directional pressure transducer, MCP disconnect and touch screen controls.

The FANWALL Smart Cube offers multiple benefits to reduce installed costs and speed installation for new construction, replacement or fan retrofit applications.

Reduced Field Labor and Materials
  • Factory installation of the FANWALL VFD, wiring, pressure tubing and communication cabling reduces field install labor and provides a seamless fit to avoid airflow disturbance.
  • No need to separately install a pressure transducer because it is already integrated in the FANWALL VFD.
  • R3FILTERING™ feature of the FANWALL VFD helps meet IEEE519 without an external line reactor or filter.
  • No external power supply needed for remote touch screen.
  • Field labor and commissioning savings are especially ideal for retrofit applications where timelines are tight.
FANWALL Smart Cube
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Fast, Easy Commissioning and Control
  • One remote touch screen controls up to 32 drives and enables one touch auto-commissioning with intuitive menus for all control parameters.
  • Set up or monitor drives with your laptop with standard Ethernet connection port, or wire to network for remote monitoring using a variety of hand-held devices.
Compact, Modular Design Ideal For New Construction or Retrofit Applications

Dramatically reduces the size and complexity of the unit control panel.
Modular FANWALL Smart Cubes fit through a standard 3-foot door for applications with access restrictions.

Meets All Certifications
  • Seismic
  • Plenum rated
  • UL, cUL
  • CE marked

For more information on how the FANWALL Smart Cube can help with your next new construction or retrofit application, contact your local Huntair Representative.

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