The guiding principle for Huntair is to listen to the recognized the needs of our engineer, contractor and building owner customers and provide the best HVAC products at a fair price. From the beginning, we have been innovators in our field — inventing new technologies that solve our customers' most difficult challenges.

This culture is driven by our roots in serving mission critical applications — where design considerations about power demand, precise airflow and filtration performance over a sterile field, and redundancy/ maintainability to avoid critical path failures hold equal weight to the high efficiency and IAQ demands of conventional HVAC systems.

Our sole source leadership distinguishes Huntair products among alternatives, resulting in unprecedented control and flexibility in providing you with a solution manufactured to closely match your all specific requirements. Examples include:

  • Custom Air Handlers — HUNTAIR air handlers are built to deliver the performance you need for your unique application — providing exceptional value while giving designers the ultimate in flexibility when solving any HVAC design problem. We specialize in HVAC systems used in mission-critical applications, including semiconductor, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals manufacturing, data centers, aerospace, hospitals, and extremely sensitive applications including cleanrooms.
  • FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® — The original and only fully customizable fan array solution available today for commercial, mission critical and retrofit applications.
  • CLEANSUITE® — A solution for hospital operating rooms that combines the airflow control capabilities required by ASHRAE Standard 170 with the aerobiological control capabilities required for cleanroom applications in a modular package that installs in one-sixth the time required for conventional stick-built systems.
  • Cleanroom Solutions —  From Grade A and B bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms in the 500 square foot range, to university and research cleanrooms in the 10,000 square foot range, to Class 1 to 100,000 semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms in the 50,000+ square foot range, Huntair, CleanPak® and Servicor® have defined how cleanroom systems are designed.
  • Data Center Solutions — From server high density server rack systems to high efficiency air handlers utilizing adiabatic cooling, Huntair helps you minimize the space required for cooling while maximizing the use of "free cooling" opportunities.
  • Air Handler Replacements and Retrofits — Complete solutions to match your requirements for air handler replacements and upgrades including fan retrofits using FANWALL® systems and modular, knock-down and built-in-place air handlers.
  • AHRI Certified™ Coils — We manufacture our own coils in custom sizes and options for our new construction and retrofit air handlers, in addition to the OEM and replacement coil requirements of our customers.

We are committed to continuous product improvement and innovation, delivering increased product performance and maximum value.  For assistance with your product requirements, please contact your local Representative.


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