Air Handler Replacements and Retrofits

The ability to provide unique, custom solutions that are simply unachievable using commercial cataloged products differentiates Huntair in air handler replacement and upgrade opportunities. For example, many air handlers installed in the 90's or earlier are near the end of their expected life. The added maintenance to keep them running — or the ticking time bomb of a catastrophic failure — are compelling reasons to replace or upgrade these air handlers. But because they are often tucked away in the bowels of buildings with severe egress constraints, the prospect of a replacement is daunting. In many cases, significant destruction and reconstruction would be required just to remove the old air handler and bring in a like-for-like replacement. In addition to being cost-prohibitive, this approach could cause an unacceptable interruption in your building's operations.

Huntair offers complete solutions to match even the most difficult of your requirements for air handler replacements and upgrades.

Fan Upgrade Using a FANWALL® System

This can be the most cost-effective and fastest track to upgrade an aging air handler. The modular design of a FANWALL system allows individual cubes to be navigated through a standard 3-foot door and assembled inside the existing cabinet. Design flaws and other maintenance concerns can also be addressed — such as replacing components like corroded coils and dampers. As an added benefit, these replacements can typically occur over a weekend or after hours. The end result is essentially a system upgrade inside the existing air handler cabinet.

Complete Air Handler Replacements

For complete air handler replacements Huntair offers several alternatives depending on the project:

  • Modular air handlers are typically delivered in sections that are then assembled on site.
  • Knock-down air handlers are first assembled in the manufacturing plant and then disassembled into individual components that are sized to meet the access requirements of the project.
  • In cases where space constraints are extremely tight, built-in-place air handlers can be the most ideal solution. 3D modeling of the space allows components to be pre-built to minimize field changes that affect installed cost and timeline.

For information on how we can help with your next replacement or retrofit project, please contact your local Representative.

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