Air Handlers

Since 1993, Huntair’s innovative, custom air handler solutions and FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® have  reengineered how we move air. Huntair specializes in HVAC systems used in  mission-critical applications, including semiconductor, biotechnology and  pharmaceuticals manufacturing, data centers, aerospace, hospitals, and extremely  sensitive applications including cleanrooms.

All HUNTAIR air handlers are custom and built to deliver the performance you need for your unique application — providing exceptional value while giving designers the ultimate in flexibility when solving any HVAC design problem.  


Central Station (CSU)
Central Station (CSU)
Up to 400,000 cfm

Mini Cabinet (MCF)
Mini Cabinet (MCF)
150 to 9,500 cfm

Heat Reclaim (HRU)
Heat Reclaim (HRU)
2,500 to 22,000 cfm

Make-Up Air (LMU)
Make-Up Air (LMU)
Up to 115,000 cfm

Recirculation (RAH)
Recirculation (RAH)
Up to 200,000 cfm

Construction Features

    • Indoor or outdoor cabinet construction
    • Modular construction for ease of transport and installation
    • Knockdown construction
    • All welded, heavy-duty structural channel iron frame with lifting brackets
    • Steel, aluminum or stainless steel cabinet
    • Variable wall thickness
    • Smooth interior or exterior
    • Foam panel, hybrid foam panel and fiberglass insulation
    • Large access panel doors with heavy-duty hinges and latches
    • Anti-skid and diamond-plate floors
    • Prefinished powder coating of all cabinet panels, roof, base, interior partitions and doors
    • Thermal break technology
    • Anti-corrosive and anti-microbial construction
    • Factory roof curb
    • Standard and severe duty components
    • FANWALL® array and factory-wired controls
    • Multiple options of fan type, style, and discharge arrangement
    • Energy recovery ventilation: wheels, plate, and heat pipe technology
    • Cooling options: Chilled water, DX and direct or indirect evaporative
    • Heating options: Hot water, steam, direct or indirect gas, and electric resistance
    • Pitched stainless steel drain pans
    • Filtration options: Pre-filters, high efficiency, HEPA/ULPA, odor control media, electrostatic precipitation
    • UV lights
    • Service vestibules
    • Power panels
    • Unit controls
    • Interior lights and receptacles
    • Air monitoring devices
    • Door sealing and aligning hinges
    • Dampers, louvers, and hoods
    • Viewing ports
    • Silencers
    • Air blenders
    • Humidifiers
    • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
    • And more…

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