Creating a better operating room (OR) environment for patients and staff

The CLEANSUITE system is an all-inclusive, modular ceiling diffuser system that may be built in and hung directly above the patient table in an OR and other locations requiring low turbulence, laminar airflow. CLEANSUITE systems remove airborne particles and contaminants away from the area of the patient on the operating table, bathing the patient in HEPA-filtered air, while at the same time preventing entrainment of room air surrounding OR personnel and equipment.

CLEANSUITE systems evolved from manufacturing environments for cleanrooms where particulate levels are strictly controlled by Federal and industry standards. As a result, CLEANSUITE systems can help you create a cleaner environment that exceeds ASHRAE Standard 170 requirements using proven technology and design practices from thousands of operating Huntair cleanroom applications worldwide.

New The CLEANSUITE integrated ceiling system helped the Eastern Maine Medical Center find a solution for limited headroom above the ceiling in a surgical suite for cardiac procedures. Read the article in the New England Healthcare Engineers Society newsletter.


How Laminar is the Airflow in Your OR Ceiling System?

The CLEANSUITE Single Large Diffuser (SLD) design maximizes the surface area from which HEPA-filtered laminar airflow is being delivered. The resulting uniform, directional airflow blankets the patient and sweeps across doctors, nurses and OR equipment to remove airborne contaminants. In practice, the SLD laminar airflow design principle has been used for more than 30 years in semiconductor and other sensitive manufacturing environments.


ASHRAE Standard 170 recommends using laminar airflow to effectively control airborne contaminants in ORs. While the Standard requires that diffusers extend 12 inches beyond the operating table on all sides, it allows for large gaps in airflow delivery above the patient (<30%). The divergent laminar airflow from multiple diffusers surrounding these gaps generates turbulence, resulting in unpredictable movement of potentially harmful contaminants.

For more information on how CLEANSUITE can benefit your OR environment, please contact your local Representative.

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